Speed bumps

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Over recent years it's been brought to our attention that many use our street as a cut through to Boothferry Eatate or i.e. Humber Bridge how ever the problem we have is speeding cars and even double decker buses have also come down this street quite fast also we do have a school close by and people regularly walk down the street to go to school and have to cross the road. I'm stressing my views as many cats have been killed by speeding motorists I have had 2 cats killed within 6 months and last night 03/10/17 my 9 year old cat with very much road sense was killed by yet again a speeding car didn't stop either my point is one day it could be a child and we need to prevent this happening so we oppose to have speed bumps down our street of Richmond Road Hessle and Seaton Road Hessle and I'm sure everyone that passes my house would sign a petition.
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Petition Rejected

Dear Rachel Unfortunately as your petition has not received the required 10 signatories, it cannot be accepted by the Council. The petition has now been closed down and no further action will be taken. Regards Overview and Scrutiny Team