Speeding and Parking Issues in and around Sewerby Village

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To be considered by Councillors That the ERYC address the speeding and parking issues in and around Sewerby Village. ISSUE: A Highways survey recorded 23292 vehicles passing through the village in one week; 52.32% were breaking the speed limit. A Police speed detector van recorded 47 motorists breaking the speed limit in two hours. Motorists park on the grass verge between the Methodist Church and the level crossing. This churns up the banking in bad weather and destroys daffodils and wild flowers we have planted to enhance the village. Motorists park on the other side of the road also blocking the highway. PROBLEM: The main street of the village is quite narrow and occupied mainly by elderly residents who, when they open their front door, are barely a metre from the road. At busy periods they have difficulties crossing the road. SOLUTION: Initially the parking problem could be alleviated by a single yellow line from the old entrance to the Cliff Top Car park to the level crossing restricting parking from 9 am to 6 pm The speeding could be alleviated by creating a further 4/5 parking spaces at the Seweby Hall end of the village on the opposite side to the already allotted spaces at the Methodist Church end. This would cause vehicles to ziz-zag through the village.
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